Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Connaught Bridge Power Station Chimneys

This 100m high power plant chimney is build in the early 80s
to replace the decommisioned coal and later heavy fuel fired steam turbines,
running on either diesel or medium fuel oils the new Siemens Gas Turbine
needed the height to channel off the polutants.
It was later converted to a Combined Cycle Plant running normally by gas
with diesel as standby fuel,
where the high temperature exhaust gas of about 550 deg C
is further channeled to heat up a boiler
which feeds steam to a Parsons steam turbine generator.
From an initial 210mw earlier it is now able to generate another 105mw
to bring a new total of 315mw of electricity.
Besides being more efficient it also generated less pollutant since it is now running on gas.

This photo taken on the 10th Aug 2005 when Klang was under a 500 API and the one above on the 20th Aug after some heavy rain put off the forest fires in neighbouring Sumatra.

This additional 4 chimneys of about 40m high are from 4 ABB 13E1 GT commissioned in 1990s.

photos with and without the dreaded haze.

This march 1983 photo of the chimney when the new plant was under construction.

This one taken in july 1983,with the machine hall building almost complete.



This is the original Power Station Building which still exist today and is being turned into a Repair Center for power plant parts.
This old building have been used for shooting of many films and music video
when it was left vacant,
the most famous of all is by German rock band Scorpions.
Watch the video below.

TNB Remaco,the new occupant of the building.

A view from the Klang river side.

This remaining Babcock & Wilcox boiler was eventually scrapped in year 2000 if i am not wrong.

The Boiler control panel.

The blackstart diesel engine.

The empty Boiler House

Made from steel beams with rivets to hold them together and British made bricks as wall.

An old photo of the power plant in the fifties,the first coal fired power plant in Malaysia.
The old Connaught Bridge(bailey bridge) and railway bridge in the foreground.

Connaught Bridge

Scorpions - 'moment in a million years' Rudolf Schenker rocking it out in Connaught Bridge Power Station.

View Connaught Bridge Power Station in a larger map

Clip of the opening ceremony of the plant by Sir Gerald Templer in 1953.


  1. Wow, when you say 'dreaded haze' you mean business! That top chimney reminds me of "The Cat in the Hat".
    I didn't understand your codes, but a collection of chimneys is intersting.

  2. they shoot beside my office... hehehe..

  3. really miss the Bridge ..do you have the picture of old connaught bridge.

  4. Oh!The noisy bridge,i just posted an old photo of the bailey bridge.

  5. hi thomas. can i actually visit the power plant? do i need to write a letter to TNB??

  6. Yah! Sure you can,but you have to write to the Power Station GM first(you can get the address from the guard hse)
    there are always visitors from colleges and university, even school children normally in group.

  7. thanx a lot.so,the power plant is now purely an abandoned building? outstanding blog you hv here.

  8. The old building is use by TNB Remaco(link in the post above) as a repair center and the newer one is the power plant both with separate gates and thks for the compliment.

  9. and one more thing,Huda,if you are a blogger,pls enable excess to your profile!

  10. all the images above taken in 2005? so now the building is not left empty anymore? i really interested in empty power plants as it match my thesis material..& Thomas,i'm no longer active as blogger.

  11. I think the images were taken before 2004,after which the place was renovated,all the boilers,turbines and diesel engine were sadly removed and new equipment for repair works were bought in.
    At the moment i think there isn't any empty power plant in Malaysia,too bad.
    But there could be some empty mini hydro plants,let me check first.

  12. cool.mini hydro plant sounds just great too.thanx Thomas.u r a great help.

  13. I found 2 damaged minihydro plant,one in Ulu Dong after Raub town on the way to Kuala Lipis and another is in Hutan Lipur Lentang,Bentung on the Karak highway.
    They call it renewable resources and i wonder how it got damage and why can't they repair it,
    what a waste.

  14. Thanx for the info.btw, i found out dat minihydro plants are alwys been left abandon, some cases are in rural Indonesia.

  15. Thomas,how about Prai power station (malakof)? i'v learned that that PS already abandoned.

  16. ..or any abandoned paper mills u would suggest?

  17. The old Prai Power Station have already been demolish,the Malakoff's plant is a new one.
    Abandoned paper mill i don't think there are any here.

  18. I discovered a TV program called PhotoXplorers, which makes me think of you - these mostly amateur photographers go into abandonned buildings to photograph the ruins. You must have to go far off the beaten track to find some of these.

    (Blogger has suddenly started giving me email updates on follow-up comments, or I would have missed this!)

  19. Voiletsky,
    Nice to see you here again.
    They even have a tv program for that,
    as for me it is just a pass time hobby
    and a good excuse to travel here and there.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Karmen,you can contact me at thomasllp62@gmail.com


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