Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Japanese Carbide Factory Chimney

This 18m high brick chimney of a Japanese Carbide factory for ammunition use
is situated at Kampung Tanjung Bangkung in Malim Nawar,Perak.
It was build during the Japanese Occupation time and there is a base of another chimney
beside it which was never completed because of their sudden surrender.
The chimney is circular in shape,6m diameter at the base and about 3m on top with 4 arches.
The other remnant of the factory is a part of the fencing.

There is 3oomm diameter hole here.

The base of the other chimney.

This black coloured rock looks like some left over carbide.

A signboard in the village.

Part of the factory fencing.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mentakab KYH Brickworks Chimney

This chimney of KYH brickworks is quite hidden
at the side of the kiln compound surounded by palm oil trees and fencing.
It is about 25m high,the circular shape brick chimney with a decorated top
is build not long ago together with the modern tunnel type kiln for faster mass production
replacing the old slope type kiln which is much slower.

The chimney top.

The new tunnel type kiln.

The old slope type brick kiln partly hidden by scraps.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bukit Besi Chimneys

Bukit Besi chimneys ,altogether there are 5 of them,
4 on the furnace area and another one on top of a small hill across the road.
3 are brick ones and another 2 made of concrete with bricks on the inside
as a heat insulator.

Chimney no:1,about 10m high is made of brick with 4 arch at the bottom
is in a real bad shape with creepers getting an underhand over it
spitting it up,so try not to get too near this chimney.
We might not see the chimneys here in future
unless some restoration work like
the one done on the Labuan Chimney is carried out.

It is a crying shame to see a historical site like this go to waste,
the least who ever is in charge of the place could do is
to remove the creepers on the chimneys,
add pavement for visitors to walk around the site
and a stairways to decent from the road.
As for the chimney no:5 on the other side of the road
a stairways up the hill and pavement to the site should be enough
and leave the trees alone.

Please,please get rid of the 2 cows tied to the the chimney area
the place is full of cowdugs now,
very soon they might add a cowshed.

Chimney no:2 about 20m high is a concrete one connected directly to the furnace
which is located in between the two row of beams.

Chimney no:3 ,about 7m high is a brick one
circular in shape and only one sample left in Malaysia.

Chimney no:4 about 6m high also made of bricks.

Chimney no:5 is about 20m high is made of concrete is located
on top of a small hill on the other side of the road.

The smoke duct which connects the chimney to the furnace area.

The view from the hill of chimney no:5.

I think this must be the furnace where the iron ore is melted,
there are 2 of this furnace in the area between the 2 row of beam

The other furnace site.

The smoke tunnel connecting to the chimney no:5 on the hill.

Fire bricks here with the JBW which probably stands for Japan Brickworks?

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Bukit Besi Chimneys

Bukit Besi Chimneys